4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is The Go To Platform For Nonprofits

4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is The Go To Platform For Nonprofits

Whilst many nonprofit companies used to steer away from popular social media platforms, recent data has shown that these organisations are now growing and thriving online, especially via LinkedIn. 

Specifically, LinkedIn’s unique combination of audience, mindset and environment helps organisations scale. 

The next question is what tools does the platform offer to make this happen, and how do you use them to your advantage?

Here are the four top ways LinkedIn can help nonprofits: 

  1. Reach the right people

Recent statistics* show that there are more than 700 million professionals, including 380 million donors and 225 million volunteers using LinkedIn’s platform.

So why should you target users on the site specifically?

Well, LinkedIn states that members on its platform are *“56% more likely than average internet users to donate to charities”. 

That’s a huge statistic which highlights the social network’s strength and capabilities, and how it presents the perfect opportunity to target the world’s largest professional network. 

The aim of a nonprofit organisation is to collectively make the world a better place by advancing a variety of important causes. LinkedIn members, too, are driven by purpose and intent.

With the tools on LinkedIn, nonprofits can single out those specific target audiences they believe will be interested in being informed and made aware about their organisation. 

Characteristics could include: a specific job title, company connections, interests and many more.

  1. Tell a story

Encapsulate people, tell a story and inform your audience on how they can make a difference. It’s as much about the nonprofit as well as it is about the people involved, the people are what causes change to happen. 

Utilise LinkedIn to inform your audience on your nonprofit company and what you will do with the money raised. 

Shouting out about how the donations will help will ensure your nonprofit company is able to make a positive impact on the world.

Remember, people use LinkedIn to be educated so be sure to use the platform to reach a wider audience and inform them on your efforts and achievements.

  1. Trust is key

People will invest time and money into nonprofits they trust. 

Linked in has been rated as “the most trusted social media platform, and marketers rank it as the most brand safe”*. 

This is crucial to the growth of your nonprofit. Consumers will only donate if they know their donations are going to a genuine cause. With LinkedIn, you are provided with security.

  1. Word of mouth

LinkedIn is a great platform for spreading awareness quickly and efficiently. 

Through others engaging with your posts about your nonprofit organisation, their connections will also see your content, which inturn may result in them engaging with your page as well.

Through continuous engagement, more connections and a wider spread of your content, your non profit organisation will thrive on LinkedIn…

Would you be interested in using LinkedIn to help grow a nonprofit organisation?